Getting the Best Results with Urgent Fungus Destroyer

Urgent Fungus Destroyer is Phytage Labs’ life changing blend of 20 all natural, fungus fighting, active and rare ingredients. As with all PhytAge Labs supplements, it’s a complex formula that has shown proven results that work from the inside out.

The ingredients in Urgent Fungus Destroyer include some of the most important fungal destroying elements known to man, and were selected by PhytAge Labs for their proven efficacy in combating the various causes and problems associated with fungal infection and its dire consequences on your health. The ingredients used in Urgent Fungus Destroyer work synergistically to reduce the signs and symptoms associated with the fungal presence ubiquitous in our modern day environments.

The ingredients in Urgent Fungus Destroyer have been shown to help achieve cleaner, fuller and less toxic blood, to drastically transform the body both inside and out, and to ensure no left-over, stubborn fungus spores or toxins remain.

Suggestions On Using Urgent Fungus Destroyer

As with all Phytage Labs’ life-changing health supplements, it’s important to implement healthful choices to maximize the potent effects of Urgent Fungus Destroyer and encourage the restoration of your body’s health, naturally.

We suggest using Urgent Fungus Destroyer continuously for at least ninety (90) days for best results.

NOTE: The vast majority of adults use Urgent Fungus Destroyer without side-effects. However, as with any new health program, we recommend seeking medical advice to ensure it’s suitable for you. If you take other medicines, have severe liver or kidney disease, or you have, or think you may have, any other health issue, we strongly recommend medical advice. Please confirm the accuracy of the advice on this page for your circumstances with your doctor, including the supplements to consider, lifestyle changes to implement, and things to avoid. These recommendations should in no way supersede your physician’s advice.

  • Consider these optional supplements to assist in the efficacy of Urgent Fungus Destroyer:
      • Urgent Cell Repair 1 to increase your overall immune system health as you make appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes
      • Internal 911 2 to enhance intestinal health and boost nutrient absorption
      • Replenish 911 to increase the protective numbers and diversity of healthy digestive microbiota 3 1
  • Implement the following lifestyle changes and approaches*':
      • Wear glasses rather than soft contact lenses 2
      • Reduce sugar consumption 3
      • Lose weight, where necessary 4
      • If you suffer from diabetes, it is important to manage your condition well 5
      • If you are an athlete or play sport, keep your feet dry with cotton socks or hosiery and maintain good foot hygiene 6
      • Increase healthy probiotics that compete against hazardous fungus by 7:
        • Consuming probiotic rich foods like kefir, sauerkraut, miso, pickles, tempeh, kimchi and kombucha tea 8
        • Ensuring an adequate intake of vegetables such as asparagus, beetroot, chicory, garlic, jerusalem artichokes, leeks, onions, snow peas and sweetcorn 9; fruits such as banana’s, 10 nectarines and pomegranates 10; nuts; 11 plus barley, chickpea, lentils 12 and oats 9
        • Avoiding artificial sweeteners 13
      • Wear flip flops in locker rooms and wet areas 14
      • Treat underlying contributors to lowered immune function 15
  • Avoid the following, where possible*':
      • Oral contraceptives 16
      • Smoking tobacco and marijuana 17
      • High total calorie intake 18
      • Body piercing 17
      • Receiving tattoo’s 17
      • As the CDC notes, “activities like digging, gardening, cleaning chicken coops, and visiting caves can result in you breathing in fungi that may cause infection.” If you enjoy gardening, wear gloves and a mask, particularly if you are in a location with fungus rich soil 19

* These are the lifestyle changes you need to document throughout a 90-day journal. What changes did you make? When? What was your fungal infection like at this time? This journal is required to claim the “Honest Try” offer.

’ Always seek and follow your doctor’s advice.