We’re so confident that you’ll love Urgent Fungus Destroyer and soon be sharing your success story that we want to back our claims and give you peace of mind. If we agree that you’ve given Urgent Fungus Destroyer an “Honest Try”* and still haven’t seen results, we’ll mail you a check for $100 USD!

What’s an “Honest Try”?

An “Honest Try” means you’ve followed all our recommendations and your fungal signs and symptoms haven’t changed since beginning Urgent Fungus Destroyer.

The “Honest Try” conditions

We know how well this product works and want to encourage success in your fight against fungal infection and the health challenges it brings. But as you can imagine, not taking a supplement as recommended means relief is unlikely.

We’ve built our business on helping people, just like you, and we want you to give Urgent Fungus Destroyer an honest try so you, too, may experience the same success that thousands of others already have. To encourage you on your path to optimal health, follow our usage and lifestyle recommendations to the tee. If you don’t get any relief from the signs and symptoms of your fungal infestation and you have adhered to our “Honest Try” requirements, simply follow the instructions below to claim your “Honest Try” bonus.

  1. Purchase a 3-bottle supply of Urgent Fungus Destroyer in a single transaction
  2. Use Urgent Fungus Destroyer daily according to our Suggested Use Recommendations for a complete period of ninety (90) days without interruption
  3. During that time, to qualify for the Honest Try $100 Bonus you must:
    1. Follow our Getting The Best Results with Urgent Fungus Destroyer for the same complete ninety (90) day period.
    2. Keep a daily written or typed journal for the 90 days, noting:
      1. Each day/time you took the supplement
      2. A daily summary of how you complied with the recommendations given in Getting The Best Results with Urgent Fungus Destroyer
  4. If after 90 days you still have not noticed any reduction in your fungal signs and symptoms, contact customer service by phone and obtain a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and send us a return package
    1. Write the RMA number on the outside of the shipping package
      1. Include the following in the package:
      2. The 3 bottles, whether empty or containing remaining portions of the product
      3. Include your completed ninety (90) day written or typed journal
    2. Return the package to our fulfillment center within ninety-seven (97) days from the date your order was delivered:
      1. You need to pay for return shipping
      2. Any claims received more than ninety-seven (97) days after the date the products were delivered will not be accepted

Once you’ve met all the conditions, we’ll mail you a check for $100 USD.

If you do not meet all the conditions for the “Honest Try” offer, send us your journal and we’ll still give you a goodwill check for $10 USD.

* This ”Honest Try” offer is only valid with the purchase a 3-bottle supply of Urgent Fungus Destroyer in a single transaction